Our Congregation is involved in service for our community and our world.
Many of our members are living out their faith for a wide variety of charities. There is a PLACE for YOU here!
God's Community Garden
Our latest project!

We are reaching out to our neighbors and local neighborhood churches to work with us to create this garden.  Our hope is to give away our produce to those who are in need.  Neighbors are welcome to create a garden as well.

Prayer Shawls

Our members enjoy making, praying, and giving prayer shawls; given to someone who is in need spiritually, physically, or mentally suffering.

Caring Team

Our Caring ministry program aims to help those who are in need. Some of the ways we help the hurting or lost in their time of need include visits to those who are sick and shut in in our congregation and by taking them Holy Communion. This ministry is in addition to our Pastor’s visits each month. Because many members love to send cards for all kinds of occasions, they brighten the day by communicating their love through cards for those in need.

We care. Not only for our own members but for our community through our Outreach Team. We believe God loves us where we are, and we are to share that love with others.

Living Waters for the World - Our Story

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC